Getting a Mortgage Today

There are all kinds of horror stories about how difficult it is to obtain a mortgage in today’s lending environment. It is surely more difficult than it was five years ago, but in large part, responsible lending is back and it requires qualified loan consultants to ask the right questions, structure their client’s loans correctly from the beginning and find the right program/opportunity that best serves their clients’ needs.

With governmental influence and consumer protections laws, the loan process can take just a little bit longer than it used to – and rightly so. Teaming up with your loan consultant at Willamette Valley Bank Home Loan Division and serving as a partner in the process will help to ensure your home loan goals are met.


At Willamette Valley Bank, we encourage all of our loan consultants to clearly outline for you what to expect in the loan process. Ideally, and most commonly, a consultation outlining what it is going to be required, quickly gathering the necessary documentation and establishing a clear understanding of timelines and expectations is the best recipe for success.