You're not a number, You're a #hashtag

Our Support Staff


Jane Aitken
NMLS# 1496887
Loan Processor

Coeur D Alene, Idaho

Danielle Johnson
NMLS# 1781782
Loan Processor

Luann Warren
NMLS# 1454047
Loan Processor

Michelle Mitley
NMLS# 1551521
Loan Processor

Kori Wolff
NMLS# 1705837
Loan Officer Assistant

Whitney Petit
NMLS# 1558119
Loan Officer Assistant

Nikki Spencer
NMLS# 1503846
Loan Officer Assistant

Rummor Walker
NMLS# 2123522
Loan Officer Assistant

Seanna Severtson
NMLS# 1944418
Loan Officer Assistant

Grants Pass

Jennifer Rund
NMLS# 214538
Loan Processor


Bailey Barnhart
NMLS# 1951035
Loan Officer Assistant


Alicia Suarez
NMLS# 1490529
Loan Processor

Ashleigh Taylor
NMLS# 2009155
Loan Officer Assistant

Tiffany Beals
NMLS# 2045029
Loan Officer Assistant

Sarah Joyner
NMLS# 1196176
Underwriting Team Lead


Michelle Villanueva
NMLS# 388124
Loan Processor

Madison Batchelor
NMLS# 1944158
Loan Officer Assistant

Magdalena Paz
NMLS# 1608304
Disclosure Specialist


Brooke Clark Dvorak
NMLS# 1533968
Construction Loan Specialist

Alana Lang Neads
NMLS# 1588692
Credit Manager


Dan King
NMLS# 255481
EVP Residential Lending

Dan Meckel
NMLS# 297713
VP Business Development

Craig Wells
NMLS# 429676
Mortgage Systems Coordinator

Jeanette Blunt
NMLS# 1831969
Loan Officer Assistant

West Linn

Bert Waugh
NMLS# 85335
VP Mortgage Operations

Julie Snow
NMLS# 633656
Onboarding/Resource Liaison

Caryn Wall
NMLS# 251777
Lead Processor

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You're not a number, you're a hashtag. Work places so big that their workforce numbers in the thousands seem to be a bit like going to a huge party where you at best know an acquaintance. Here at WVBK it is like sitting down to dinner with a table of good friends you've known for years, a place where you're known and you know them. There's a reason we use #WVBKFamily as one of our culture hashtags, family is important in each person’s life and it is important at WVBK. If you would like to be more than a number and work with one of the most successful community banks in the country, contact us today. #WVBKStrong #WVBKFamily #NextGen #WeDoItForTheBorrowers #LeaveNoLoanBehind #LoveYourJob

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Willamette Valley Bank

I was blessed to accept a position with WVBK 3 years ago. I had been at one of the “BIG” banks and we were nothing than a faceless number to them as well as our borrowers.
The culture and environment at WVBK is top notch. I feel like I am an important part of an amazing team/family and the mission to leave no loan behind rings true.
I look forward to everyday in making a difference in people’s lives and our community. #lovemyjob

Rhonda Beck
Loan Officer


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