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What started in 2000 as a small branch in Salem, OR now serves 18 locations throughout the Northwest. We increased our footprint by never forgetting who and what really matters, the people and the businesses who make up each community. We don’t hesitate to get out from behind a desk, to get behind countless civic, charitable, educational and economical development endeavors.

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Aimee Mendonca was Featured in the 503. Magazine

Congratulations to Aimee, your work in the community is a continuing source of inspiration! Visit 503. Winter 2022 to read the full article on page 30. #WVBKcares #community #WVBKfamily

Willamette Valley Bank Welcomes Ryan Allbritton


Willamette Valley Bank is honored to Welcome Ryan Allbritton to the Banking Divison as Senior Vice President and Chief Banking Officer! Click Play to hear Ryan’s #WhyWVBK.

To learn more about Ryan and his community involvement, click here: https://www.willamettevalleybank.com/about-us/news/willamette-valley-bank-hires-ryan-allbritton-as-senior-vice-president-and-chief-banking-officer/

WVBK celebrates Teach Children to Save Day!

April 22nd was Teach Children to Save Day! WVBK depositories offered fun goodies such as coloring sheets, piggy banks, crayons, snacks, and more. Teaching the NextGen in our Communities the value of saving is crucial to their futures, and we are honored to have the opportunity to teach them.

WVBK Next Genners enjoy the Snow

Like many others this week, our locations received snow and ice storms in the PNW. We saw some #WVBKFamily members taking advantage of the snow and wearing their #WVBKGear while doing so!

Willamette Valley Bank rolls out Anniversary program for employees

This year WVBK rolled out the Anniversary Program for employees – which not only includes awesome WVBK Gear, but also an award to represent the number of years the employee has been with us.  We look forward to sending out more gifts and watching our WVBK Family build their WVBK Legacies in the years to come.

Coeur d’Alene Team Gives back

Our CDA team members as well as a few of our #NextGen assisted in splitting and delivering wood for the organization Elderhelp of North Idaho. WVBK CDA is happy to be a part of the #LOCAL community we serve.


ElderHelp of Northern Idaho is an organization that helps the elderly community within Kootenai County with various things such as snow shoveling, yard maintenance, and much more.

Willamette Valley Bank turns 20!


October 31st, 2020 was the date that Willamette Valley Bank celebrated 20 years in business. Press play to hear from many strong roles that took part in watching WVBK grow into the company that it is today.

Willamette Valley Bank delivers $10,000 check to United Way of the Mid-Willamette Valley

On September 23rd, CEO Ryan Dempster and Jane Lowery delivered a check for $10,000 to United Way of the Mid-Willamette Valley to assist in aid for those affected by the devastating wildfires that took place earlier this month. Willamette Valley Bank noted on social media that they would match cash donations up to $3,500 when the wildfires first engulfed our surrounding communities. By the end of the month, our caring and thoughtful community donated $6,500 to the cause.

United Way of the Mid-Willamette Valley is still in need of donations for those still affected by the aftershock of the wildfires. Please visit the link below to see daily updates on items needed or how you may help

CDA Cruise for a Cause

Willamette Valley Bank’s CDA Home Loan Center along with the Coeur‘d Alene Association of Realtors hosted the 2nd annual Cruise for a Cause. It was a fun evening cruising Lake Coeur’d Alene bidding on auction items to help raise money for the Community Action Partnership. The C.A.P. Food Bank serves Kootenai County and is working daily to concur growing hunger epidemic that doesn’t only affect third world countries, but those in our very own communities.

Willamette Valley Bank

Better not Bigger

Through transforming the experience and expectation of banking, home and commercial financing, Willamette Valley Bank strives to be the BEST bank in the world, not the biggest. #LiveLendLocal

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