Eric Vander Werff

Loan Officer, NMLS 107939

Eric Vander Werff

Loan Officer, NMLS# 107939
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Buying a home is a big choice, something a lot of people dream of and work towards for years. Being there to help make that possible is what WVBK loves doing most. We know what support our homeowners need because we’ve been doing this for years. ‘We do it for the borrowers’ is our motto and we mean it. Apply for a loan to start the process and I’ll help you find the loan to fit your financial needs.

Interested in learning how to purchase or refinance while in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy? Learn more here!

We were told NO by lender after lender that buying a home after a Chapter 13 discharge would be really hard to do. I found Eric’s information online, and after a brief conversation with him explaining our situation, he immediately told us YES. He could help us. Eric and Seanna helped us through the process and were there to assist and answer all of our questions. Their teamwork was incredible, and it resulted in us purchasing our dream home on land just like we had planned. We will never forget what Eric and Seanna did for us, and that with every two NO’s, all it takes is one YES!

Lamensia Williams from Royse City, TX

My Husband and I worked with Eric & Seanna on our loan and let me tell you- it was no easy feat! We had everything from a lein on our home, a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, a partridge and a pear tree- and they made us feel comfortable, secure and were with us 1000000% of the way!

Being that finances are such a quirky and awkward item to discuss, they never made us feel like this was something that could not be done.

They gave us our life back and for that, a review (not matter how great) will never be enough thanks for just how amazing this experience has been with them!

I would give them a hundred stars if possible!!

If you’re lost and feel like you have no options- look no further! You will not regret choosing Eric and his team- they are hands down the greatest out there!!

Thank you both for all of your help- we love you endlessly!!!!

Sarah Horn- Eternall from Springfield, MI

If you are wanting to make a home purchase after a year of filing Chapter 13, see Eric Vander Werff. From the first time I reached out to him, he replied with efficiency and hope. Four other lenders prior to reaching out to Eric all turned us away. What little credit score we had was continuing to decline because of the lenders pulling our credit. Eric’s application process was so easy, we remember how we were sitting in the bleachers at our teenagers Friday night football game while we filled it out. Simple!! Once that was completed, we received a pre-approval within a few days. We called him just to confirm and his reply was, “Yes, you are good, go house shopping and let me know what you decide!” Eric made our process fairly stress free. Anyone that has filed Chapter 13 can relate on how daunting it is to ask the trustee for the permission to purchase a home and/or a vehicle. Our recommendation is to do this step first. That trustee approval took awhile for us to even gain. All Eric was worried about was ensuring our down payment was seasoned. Seeing as how most citizens received “stimulus” money, this is how our down payment was acquired. Eric worked hard on our loan and kept an open line of communication with us during the entire process. A bit of a struggle was our time difference but we worked with it. Be mindful of this when it comes to closing. Ultimately, our title company asked us why we chose the lender that we did? We replied, “Well, Eric is the best! He is why our dream of owning our first home became a reality!” If you are needing some special attention due to a Chapter 13, see Eric and his assistant Carson. These two are a pair that made the impossible for our family a dream come true. Thank you Willamette Valley Bank and special shout out to Eric Vander Werff, you rock!- The Woodburn Family (Sweetwater, TN).

Woodburn from Sweetwater, TN

We came across Eric after doing a search for a lender that worked with people who are currently in bankruptcy. We had been working with a lender for 6 months and they assured us that it will get done it was just going to take time because of the BK. Needless to say they dragged us on with false hope only to disappoint us in the end. We provided all the necessary documentation, had on time payments with the trustee, but after 6 months, and money we didn’t have paid out of pocket for filing motions with the courts they told us they would have to wait another 3 months because of the way the trustee was making the payments. We had 3 days left on our motion to incur debt for the refinance when we found Eric. After speaking with him on the phone on December 17, right before the Christmas holidays he sent the application and we moved forward. We had all the documents that he needed and was able to give him everything that was requesting in a timely matter. We got our conditional approval in less than 30 days of working with Eric. The longest part of the process was waiting on another motion to incur debt and getting the payoff from our current mortgage provider which took time and was things beyond his control. He was always willing to address concerns that we had especially after being put in a bad situation from the first lender (it was hard to let go of that fear of disappointment). He along with his assistant Carson was awesome throughout this process and I would recommend them to anyone that find themselves in this situation. We are finally at the end of the tunnel and can see the light. Eric got this done in less than 60 days when the other lender couldn’t do it in 6 months. He is honest, straight forward, and very knowledgeable about the process and the things needed to get things done. I wish we could give him more than the 5 stars. So if you are reading this and looking to refinance your home, don’t hesitate to reach out to him and his team. Thank You Eric!!!!

rcfreeman68 from Columbia, SC