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Family isn't just a word we throw around lightly. When we say that, we mean it. From homeowners coming in to finance the next step in their lives, to the people who use our banking services in their personal and business lives, to the employees that make that happen, all of them make up the WVBK family. Each person contributes to the vision of WVBK as a place where people go because they're cared for and know that they matter.

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Why work for a company, when you can work with a family. Willamette Valley Bank is one of the nations top community banks and we have accomplished this by empowering employees to be their best. We have fostered a family culture and is what is helping accomplish our mission the be the BEST BANK in the world, not the biggest.

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I was blessed to accept a position with WVBK 3 years ago. I had been at one of the “BIG” banks and we were nothing than a faceless number to them as well as our borrowers.
The culture and environment at WVBK is top notch. I feel like I am an important part of an amazing team/family and the mission to leave no loan behind rings true.
I look forward to everyday in making a difference in people’s lives and our community. #lovemyjob

Rhonda Beck
Loan Officer


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