Karin Jolly

Loan Officer, NMLS 949344

Karin Jolly

Loan Officer, NMLS# 949344
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O: 541.926.2770
C: 541.990.6028
F: 541.926.6868


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I was born in Seattle, Washington and grew up in the Tacoma area. I moved to the Salem area when I was seventeen and graduated from Sprague High School. I then went on to college and worked locally. I come from a large family and we are very close. Family is very important to me. I met my husband when I was eighteen and we have been together for over thirty years. I have raised three children and the youngest is a freshman in college. I knew from my early twenties that I wanted to be in the lending industry. I attended real estate school and gained knowledge but always knew that I wanted to be on the lending side. I love helping people and making their dreams come true. Contact me today to help you on your home loan journey!